Road Management Evaluation System Using Road Tigers

Data Delivery System

Measurements for road evaluation at 100 km/h

High-speed road surface condition measuring vehicle independently developed by our company
Rutting, cracks, and flatness (σ3m, IRI) can be measured at speeds up to 100 km/hr, longitudinal and transverse measurements of road surfaces using GPS and gyro technology, and smooth and safe measurements using non-contact measurement, even while general vehicles are in motion.

Support system for identifying priority areas for improvement

The road surface integrity is evaluated by IRI independent evaluation or MCI combination evaluation of rutting, cracking, flatness σ3m, to select priority areas for pavement improvement.
The system can evaluate the amount of bumps by using the road surface profile for IRI calculation, and identify planar damage and abnormal areas by using the crack measurement system.

Longitudinal cross-section modification design support system

Our high speed measurement vehicles are not limited to paved road management but are capable of surveying wide areas.

Kinematic GPS measurement technology is used to accurately and speedily measure the longitudinal and transverse shape of road surfaces, providing information that leads to “measures for accident prevention”, “Measures for ensuring riding comfort”, “Measures for roadside environment” and “disaster forecasting”.
The results are used for “Improvement design (longitudinal and cross sectional correction design)” of the current road surfaces, and to support “Costing calculation of improvement projects”.


■Comprehensive evaluation
We have a company-wide system to measure rutting, cracking, flatness, longitudinal alignment of road surfaces, drainage function, noise figure and sound absorption coefficient.