New Automatic Light Control Device IRLsⅠ

Equipment Related Products
Patent registration number 4790385

Switches the street lighting on and off accurately and safely in accordance to the brightness of the road

Lighting technology products of Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Company Limited contribute to energy conservation by turning the street lighting on and off accurately and safely, and in the unlikely event of a breakdown, work can be carried out safely, easily and efficiently.

Control Device

A new automatic light control device for IC power saving (IRLs-I)

  • High precision “Photo Sensor” is used to suppress changes in the illumination intensity due to the deterioration of CDS over time
  • A correcting process function is provided to enable switching on the light on and off accurately and safely
  • By “2 stage switching ON” of the IC street lighting equipment, it is possible to reduce the maximum (peak) power consumption
    * The lighting control panel has to be modified for “2 stage switching ON”
  • Cost saving and reduction of CO2 emission is possible