Repair and Maintenance Products
Approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism NM-0429

Eco-friendly water-based paint

A highly durable paint that is resistant to ultraviolet rays (inorganic material), stain-resistant (hydrophilic), difficult to peel (respiratory film) and economical due to its long service life.

Inorganic paint with ultra-weatherability

Anti-corrosion protection for galvanized steel and ordinary steel
  • Ideal for improving and repairing paint on steel and concrete structures
  • When compared with conventional construction, cost can be reduced to 2/3 and construction period can be reduced to 1/3

Implementation status and after completion

Graffiti in the public restrooms, concealment of graffiti and prevention of defacement
Note: Contact us separately for anti-graffiti coating.

Anti-graffiti inorganic painting

Prevention of stains and graffiti on concrete structures
  • Ceramic top coat effective for preventing graffiti [MAG-TOP]
  • Environment friendly as it is inorganic and has excellent weatherability
  • Easy to manage and administrative costs can be reduced