Road Accessories and Repair Kits

Repair and Maintenance Products

Useful for repairing the corrosion of pipes and housing

Includes the support cover (made of FRP) used for repairing the damaged parts of ducts and housing
Repair method using fiber and resin adhesive (patent pending)

Simple procedure (1) Corrosion loss

Simple procedure (2) Fiber wrapping

Simple procedure (3) Application of Adhesive

Simple procedure (4) Completion of Repair


  • Aramid fiber repair agent with excellent strength is processed to optimum shape and size
  • Repair method is simple and does not require time and effort even in narrow spaces
  • Support cover for damaged parts (FRP) are processed to suit the application
  • Conveniently packaged in a starter kit
  • Plastic solvent is also divided into appropriate quantities according to the size of the repair application
  • Consumable refill kits are also available