Aquaseal Rust Prevention Agent Plus

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A new material to suppress the corrosion of reinforcement bars in existing concrete structures


This product is a silane-based surface impregnation material to which a penetrating rust inhibitor is added for the purpose (preventing and delaying the corrosion of reinforcing bars) of extending the service life of existing concrete structures.
By applying this product to a concrete surface, a waterproof layer is formed, preventing the infiltration of chloride ions and water which cause degradation of the concrete. The permeable corrosion inhibitor added to the mixture penetrates to the vicinity of the rebars, forming a waterproof film around the rebars and suppressing corrosion.


● Feature 1 Forms a preventive layer against water absorption and a non-corrosive environment
The agent contains a special additive that adheres to the surface while curing and suppresses volatilization of the remaining impregnating ingredients, forming a thick layer of 4 to 6 mm that prevents absorption of water.
The anticorrosive agent, whose volatilization is suppressed, penetrates deep into the concrete, creating a non-corrosive environment around the reinforcing bars.

● Feature 2 The anticorrosive agent penetrates deeply and suppresses the corrosion of reinforcing bars
Even in concrete that already contains chloride ions, the effect of the added permeable corrosion inhibitor suppresses the corrosion of the rebars and can be expected to extend the life of existing concrete structures.