Small-diameter Pipe Inspection Robot (P-CIS)

Inspection Products

Self-propelled inspection robot that can inspect inside a small-diameter pipe culvert

This robot enables inspecting the inside of a pipe culvert (crossed drainage facilities such as waterways and mountain streams laid under the main line to treat wastewater in areas adjacent to expressways) with a small diameter (ϕ800 mm or less) that is difficult for people to enter.


  • Equipped with 360-degree camera
    A 360-degree camera mounted at the front end of the robot can monitor everything inside the pipe culvert, and detect sedimentation abnormalities due to cracks and sediments.
  • Equipped with an advanced rear camera
    The advanced rear camera can be moved up, down, left and right, and the cracks and damages identified by the 360 degree front camera can be checked in detail.
    The camera can also be used to check the rear when the vehicle is backing up.