Inspection Robot for Suspension Cables of Cable-stayed Bridges

Inspection Products
Patent No.6308529、No.6474070
NETIS registration number CB-240014-A

Our aim is to implement efficient and non-destructive inspection using video cameras and inspection sensors.


Currently, the diagonal protection cables for general cable-stayed bridges are surveyed through visual inspection using aerial work platforms or by humans using climbing technologies to investigate damage, etc. However, there are some problems like the limited scope of inspection and the need to pay proper attention to the safety of inspectors. Therefore, we developed an inspection robot that can carry out inspection work safely and efficiently.

This is a self-propelled inspection robot that can inspect the external deformation of the suspension cables of cable-stayed bridges and deformation of steel materials inside the cables. Any damage to the protecting tube surface of the suspension cable can be checked in real time by capturing photographs with the camera. The inspection sensor also enables non-destructive inspection for partial breakage of cable strands, etc.

The upper and lower drive units are designed to sandwich and hold the suspension cables between rollers with the weight of the device, and can be used for a wide range of cable diameters.

Can be used for cable-stayed bridges (suspension cable diameter ϕ90 to 200mm)

Can be used for extradosed bridges (suspension cable diameter ϕ100 to 140mm)

Drive roller (suspension cable diameter ϕ90 to 200 mm)