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Patent No. 6853912
Trademark No. 6406282 *Only for Senjo Benza Tenken-kun

A device that inspects the “Electric bidet toilet seat” hygienically, quickly and accurately.


Washlet Tester Kun is an inspection device developed for the purpose of identifying defects quickly and accurately in “Electric bidet toilet seat” that are widely used in toilets at public and commercial facilities.
Information about the location of defects is accurately visualized to allow for prompt and appropriate troubleshooting, which makes it possible to provide a safer and more comfortable restroom environment.

The built-in sensors can be used to measure the hot water flush function (flush water temperature, flush water volume, flush water flow rate, flush range, and water discharge nozzle operation) and the toilet seat heater temperature.

Compared to conventional inspection methods (inspection centered on visual observation and tactile), automatic measurement makes it easier to understand the status of the defect, thereby contributing to reduction of labor for inspection.

Since the inspection method that involves direct contact with the toilet seat and flushing water is changed to non-contact measurement, the work environment during inspection is improved and is more hygienic.

Log data of measurement can be output in CSV data format. Numerical control is also available.

* Photograph 1.

Compact and light weight “Bentenmaru” that assists in inspection *Photograph 1.

In contrast to the professional grade Washlet Tester Kun, “Bentenmaru” has been developed for the purpose of assisting inspection and is compact, lightweight and reasonably priced. This product specializes in the important check points of electric bidet toilet seat function (toilet seat temperature, washing water temperature, washing range, water discharge nozzle operation). This product is designed to meet the needs of restroom maintenance management sites.