Road Vest

Safety Products

Offers protection in the event of an unforeseen accident or breakdown on the expressways

When travelers have to get off the vehicle on the expressways, such as during vehicle breakdown or accident, a road vest with high-performance retroreflective material will provide protection.

Price ¥700 (tax included)


  • Light weight and compact
  • Front-opening type makes the vest easy to wear and remove
  • Excellent daytime visibility with fluorescent-colored base material
  • Can be washed repeatedly
  • Small size that can be placed on the dashboard with causing any problems

Precautions when parking and stopping on expressways where it is unavoidable

  • Pull over to breakdown lane as soon as possible.
  • After taking hazard-prevention measures, occupants should alight from the vehicle and evacuate to a safe place, such as outside the guardrails.
  • Turn on the hazard lights.
  • Call the “Road emergency number #9910” or “#110”, or use the “Emergency phone”.
  • Install stop indicator device.

* Emergency telephones are installed at intervals of 1 km. (At intervals of 200 m inside tunnels) Using cell phones while driving is prohibited.