Tomaruzo II Handling Equipment

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Design registration number 1710361

Supports safe transfer of Tomaruzo-II, which is a forced stop device for incoming vehicles


A transfer device (inside the red frame) is attached to the empty space at the center of Tomaruzo II, and the jack-up mechanism of the device raises the legs of Tomaruzo II to maintain its moving state for safe and easy transportation.
Tomaruzo-II (Stop device for approaching vehicles: for large vehicles) is a product of Central Nippon Highway Engineering Nagoya Co., Ltd.

Mounted on transport



  • Improved safety of transfer operations

This eliminates the need for dangerous work such as turning one’s back to moving vehicles and improves the safety of the Tomaruzo II transfer operation.

  • Improving safety of regulated operations

Improves engineers’ safety by facilitating Tomaruzo-II placement at appropriate locations.

  • Eliminates heavy labor assuming aging society and women’s social advancement

Saves labor in transferring Tomaruzo II (130 kg) and eliminates heavy labor.