Airbag Safety Vest

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This product is intended to improve worker safety during roadwork by mitigating the impact on the body and reducing injuries in the event of an accident.


  • The airbag inflates to protect the body from impact
    When inflated, the airbag is expected to be effective in reducing the impact on the cervical spine and backbone in the event of a fall, in addition to chest injuries.
  • LED light is provided to confirm whether power is turned ON
    The power can be turned on by pulling the string.
    To prevent forgetting to turn the power on at the site, an LED lights up when the power is turned on, allowing a third person to check the power.
  • The gas cylinders can be replaced and reused
    Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) is used to inflate the airbag.
    Cost reduction can be expected as the cylinders that have been used once can be reused.

The risk of serious injury is reduced by approximately 35% compared to injuries that occur when airbags are not installed.
According to the results of performance evaluation tests conducted by the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI), when an impactor weighing approximately 23 kg is impacted at a collision speed of approximately 24 km/h, the possibility of serious injury (AIS3+) or more is significantly reduced when the airbags are activated compared to when the vests are not worn.