Privacy Policy

Basic Policy of Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Company Limited on the Protection of Personal Information

Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, and in order to thoroughly protect such information, the Company shall take all possible measures to protect personal information provided by customers based on the following items as its basic policy.

  1. System for handling personal information
    The Company will strictly manage customer information through the establishment and operation of an internal management system that includes thorough training of persons in charge on the appropriate handling of information, the development of in-house rules and manuals, and the implementation of security measures for information systems.
  2. System for Handling Personal Information
    When acquiring personal information from customers, the Company will clearly indicate the purpose of use and will do so in a lawful and fair manner.
  3. Acquisition of Personal Information
    When using the personal information of customers, the Company will clearly state the purpose of use and will limit the use of the information within the scope of that purpose.
  4. Use of Personal Information
    The Company will not disclose or provide customer’s personal information to a third party without consent of the customer, except when required by law.
  5. Proper Management of Personal Information
    The Company will strive to keep personal information accurate and up to date in order to provide better service to customers.
    The Company will take necessary measures for the appropriate management of personal information, including the prevention of leakage, loss, damage, or unauthorized access to personal information.
  6. Outsourcing the Processing of Personal Information
    When, for the purpose of outsourcing necessary administrative work, the Company provides personal information to a company that handles administrative tasks, the Company will select an outsourcing company that is deemed to handle personal information properly, and in the outsourcing contract, etc., the Company will stipulate necessary matters to prevent leakage of customers’ personal information, such as management of personal information, maintenance of confidentiality, prohibition of re-provision, etc., and supervise the company appropriately.
  7. Notification of Purpose of Use, Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, etc. of Personal Information
    When there is a request from a customer or his/her representative for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, or discontinuance of use of his/her personal information, the Company will respond to such request within a reasonable period and scope in accordance with laws and regulations.
    The Company shall respond appropriately and promptly to any other inquiries from customers regarding personal information.
  8. Other
    The Company will review this policy from time to time and strive to make improvements. In the case of revisions to this policy, the Company shall notify the customers of the revised contents.

Internet Security

To ensure the security of personal information submitted by customers on the website of Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Company Limited, the information is protected by SSL (* Secure Socket Layer: Industry’s standard security function that encrypts information before being transmitted over the Internet). When a customer uses a browser that supports SSL, the customer’s personal information is automatically encrypted before being sent or received. In addition, multiple checking mechanisms and firewalls are in place to prevent unauthorized access from outside. Furthermore, personal information can be accessed by a limited number of personnel.

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