Information on Opportunities for New Partners(Limited to Japan)

Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Co., Ltd. is scouting for partner companies to cooperate with us to provide higher quality services.
We are also scouting for partner companies that can cooperate with us for construction, machinery, electricity and communication equipment repair work throughout the year. (This work includes emergency response at night and on holidays.)

Requirements from Partner Company

Information on Opportunities for Partner Companies

Example on how to fill the application form to become a partner company

Maintenance Construction

[Excel] Partner company registration application form (maintenance construction) 84KB

Sample filled form (288KB)

Inspection work

[Excel] Partner company registration application form (survey, etc.) 89KB

Sample filled form (181KB)

Enlistment method

Prepare a partner company registration application form based on the opportunity requirements, attach the documents to be submitted and send by email.