Initiatives to Promote Active Participation of Women

In 2016, we formed a working group of female employees to make our workplaces “Easy for women to work” and have continuously implemented the collection of information, exchanged opinions, organized requests and submitted proposals to the company.

Main Activities of Women's Participation Promotion Working Group

  • Implementation of training on career design and communication, etc.
  • Holding opinion exchange meetings for female employees transcending job types and workplaces
  • Visits to other companies to interact and collect information
  • Organize requests to the company through group work, etc.

Training on career design and communication

Group work in progress

Results of Working Activities to Promote Active Participation of Women

The above activities have led to the introduction of the following systems and improvements to the workplace environment. We will continue our activities with the aim of further improving the environment, and will promote initiatives to create a better workplace while incorporating new opinions.

System Related

  • Expansion of the application scope of company rented housing system
  • Introduced system for granting expired annual paid leave on an hourly basis
  • Increased period of child nursing care leave
  • Increased period of partial leave for childcare
  • Improvements regarding overtime instructions for employees raising children
  • Introduced a system to change the start and end times of work
  • Extended childcare leave period and relaxed requirements
  • Introduced maiden name system
  • Introduced a childcare support fund system
  • Conducted trial and examination to introduce a telecommuting system

Environment Related

  • Environment improvement such as changing rooms
  • Examination of improvement and renewal of uniform (for clerical and technical staff)

Climate Development Related

  • Enhanced awareness-raising activities for male employees
  • Provided training on the theme of “Diversity” for all employees
Corporate Information