President’s Message

Since starting its operations on December 25, 2007, Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Company Limited, as a member of the NEXCO Central Group, has been engaged in business under its corporate philosophy of aiming to be a company that “prioritizes safety above everything else”, “provides the highest level of technology”, and “applies thought to its actions”.As a company responsible for the maintenance and preservation of expressways, our mission is to provide road space and services that our customers can use “safely, securely and comfortably”, and contribute to the development of local communities and the improvement of people’s lives. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, expressways have seen a limited decline in usage compared to other transportation means and have become an integral part of our lives as an important social infrastructure.

In terms of safety, based on our strong determination that our greatest mission is to “continue to provide safe expressways to our customers”, we have compiled five management policies to make constant efforts to improve safety, and the Group as a whole continues to implement the policies while steadily implementing the PDCA cycle.The five management policies are: (1) Cultivate a corporate culture that prioritizes safety, (2) Continuously improve business processes to address deterioration of road structures over time and potential risks, (3) Promote safety activities, (4) Develop human resources to support safety, and (5) Promote steady and efficient operations aimed at improving safety.

As far as technology is concerned, we have promoted DX*1 and actively introduced electronic approval, remote environment development, BI tools*2 and RPA*3. We have also developed a variety of technologies for inspection and detection of abnormalities in structures such as bridges and tunnels and road surfaces, detection of traffic congestion, etc. In addition, from the perspective of decarbonization, we are gradually converting our business vehicles to low-emission vehicles. Furthermore, we are contributing to the advancement and streamlining of expressway management by supporting the “i-MOVEMENT” promoted by NEXCO Central.

In terms of human resource development, we are implementing detailed measures from a variety of perspectives including enhancement of various training programs, promotion of acquisition of official certifications such as expressway inspection and diagnosis certification, improvement and transmission of technical skills, development of leaders, training of new employees, improvement of job satisfaction, and promotion of the active participation of women.

We will continue to make adjustments to accommodate changes in the business environment and continue to move forward toward the realization of our management philosophy. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Ryoichi Gejima, Chief Operating Officer (COO)


*1 Digital transformation. Transforming business structures and business models through digital technology.
*2 Business intelligence tools. Software that analyzes and visualizes various data in a company and is useful for management.
*3 Robotic process automation. A mechanism that automatically performs the work that humans have done on a PC mechanically.

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