Corporate Information

Corporate Philosophy

As a member of the NEXCO Central Group, we aim to be a company that “prioritizes safety above everything else”, “provides the highest level of technology”, and “applies thought to its actions” to provide road space and services that our customers can use safely, securely and comfortably, and to contribute to the development of local communities and the improvement of people’s lives.

Basic Management Policy

  • We will further improve safety, reliability and quality through the transformation and strengthening of the business execution system, and by promoting the growth and awareness of each employee
  • We will improve inspection and work productivity and safety of operations by promoting the development of new technologies and actively introducing them
  • We will strengthen human resource development by enhancing safety education, training and instruction, and technology transfer
  • We will contribute to the achievement of SDGs by striving to improve stakeholder satisfaction through contributions to local communities and cooperation with related organizations
  • We will strengthen our management base while taking on new challenges and reliably respond to the trust and demands of society by supporting the changes in the environment such as digitalization and decarbonization

Company Vision for FY 2028 (Our Goal)

  • We, as a group of true professionals in the maintenance inspection and management of expressways, are equipped with Japan’s leading advanced technical capabilities, and will increase the productivity of our operations through reliable transfer and development of technology.
  • We conduct our business operations independently and autonomously, with thoughtfulness toward all stakeholders and every employee possessing a high level of awareness and business skills.

Quality, Environment and Road Traffic Safety Policy

Click here for the quality, environment and road traffic safety policy of Central Nippon Highway Engineering Tokyo Co., Ltd.



Corporate Information