Facility Control

The facility control room monitors and controls the operation of road facility facilities 24x7x365 days and supports safe, secure and comfortable roads by monitoring accidents, monitoring and control of equipment and responding to traffic accidents and tunnel fires, etc.

Facility Control Management Business (Central Nippon Expressway Company Limited)

The condition of road facilities on expressways is monitored and controlled 24x7x365 days.

Operation monitoring services (Facility control room)

Operation monitoring and maintenance of facilities of two bridges and fours tunnels of Tokyo Harbor

Utilizing our experience in expressway maintenance and management, we monitor operations and traffic, and conduct maintenance inspections and patrols of tunnels, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gate Bridge that are under the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Port and Harbor 24x7x365 days.

Operations monitoring services
Traffic and equipment operations of road facilities for tunnels and bridges under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Ports and Harbors of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government are monitored and controlled.

Operation monitoring services (Monitoring center)

Maintenance inspection and road patrol inspection services
Maintenance and inspection of ancillary facilities and equipment for four tunnels and two bridges of Tokyo Harbor, and road patrol inspections.

Maintenance inspection (Daily inspection)

Road patrol inspection (Traffic management)

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