Facility Maintenance Management

Maintenance inspections and management of lighting installed on expressways, facilities inside tunnels, road information boards, and buildings such as ETC and rest facilities and toll booths are carried out to ensure they are always in good condition. The management covers a wide range of fields such as electricity, telecommunications, machinery, construction and water quality and comprehensive maintenance management such as various analyses and emergency responses in the event of a failure based on maintenance inspections and their results are carried out.

Tunnel lighting

Road information boards


Maintenance Inspection

Equipment installed on expressways are regularly inspected. Other equipment include emergency equipment in tunnels, CCTV, power distribution, emergency telephones, water supply equipment, sewage treatment equipment, etc., and emergency response is provided for these in the event of a failure.

Maintenance Management

We will propose a repair plan based on data such as inspection results, equipment failure status and electricity usage status. We also work as observers for on-site work.

Maintenance Construction

We carry out cleaning and repair work for equipment installed on expressways, and restoration work for damage caused by traffic accidents.

Construction Management

We will work with NEXCO to place orders for equipment to be installed and buildings to be constructed on expressways, and safety and process management, and quality control related to construction work.

Quality Control

We will ensure construction work quality by working together with NEXCO to conduct onsite interim and completion inspection of construction, provision of guidance on quality control and hold technical training sessions, etc.

Information Management

This business performs asset management of expressway facilities and buildings. We collect, check, tabulate and organize asset data, and manage ledgers and drawings.

Facility Control

We monitor the operating status of various equipment 24x7x365 days a year, so that expressways can be used safely, securely and comfortably.

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