The greenery of the road gives “friendliness” and “moisture” to customers who use the expressway, and provides a safe and comfortable space to soothe the fatigue of driving. In addition, the greenery along the road contributes to the preservation of the local environment together with the living environment of the local people.
We inspect and manage greenery so that they can maintain and improve their intended functions, and help our customers use them safely and comfortably.

Landscape Examination

We are considering creating spaces that our customers can use safely and comfortably by giving the scenery along roads (both indoors and outdoors) a sense of variety so that it does not become monotonous, and by using greenery to create a “healing” and “charming” atmosphere for customers.

Consideration for Green Recycling

We are investigating technology to reduce the burden on the environment through the effective use of resources (3R) by making pellet fuel from grass and branches generated during maintenance work on expressways.

Responding to the Surrounding Natural Environment

We are working to create environmentally friendly forests using saplings grown from the seeds of trees that grow naturally around expressways. We are investigating the habitat environment and behavioral characteristics of animals around expressways and are considering measures to prevent animals from entering expressways.

Interaction with the Local Community

In collaboration with a nearby welfare facility, we are working to promote interaction with the local community by creating fans made from pressed leaves.

Greenery Inspection and Management

By implementing green inspection management, we understand the status of greenery and formulate plans for necessary and effective management work. In addition, we prepare proposals to provide customers with safe and secure expressways, as well as making the expressway’s greenery into a beautiful and friendly space.

Construction Management

In addition, to manage greenery that accompanies road construction, we also take care to restore the modified natural environment and landscape.

Greening Assets Information Management

We are collecting and organizing the latest data to manage greenery on the expressways as an “asset”.

Joint Research

We conduct research and testing for the development of the new technologies related to greenery in collaboration with universities and group companies.

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