Machinery and Water Quality

Expressways are not made up of just embankments, pavements, bridges, and tunnels.
In addition to road lighting that protects the driving environment of road users, traffic information boards, tunnel ventilation equipment, emergency telephone equipment and other equipment that are relatively easy to observe, we have many other machines and equipment in place to watch over the safety of roads.
Our company maintains and manages the various facilities with a large number of employees, and also provides research and design for the ventilation of tunnels and disaster prevention facilities related to the roads. Based on the technologies we have developed in our road maintenance business, we provide technical proposals for the efficient operation of road facilities while ensuring that the customers’ driving safety and comfort is maintained.

Consultancy Services

We provide survey and design services for machinery and equipment related to expressways (tunnel ventilation equipment, disaster prevention equipment, sewage treatment equipment, etc.). We design optimal facilities for each road and tunnel to provide safety to all customers using expressways.

Design of machinery and equipment
In addition to the facilities for operating the expressway, we are equipped for emergencies situations that occur, by installing the various facilities on the expressways. The consulting business involves research and design of facilities that specialize in the needs and safety of users and support the management of infrastructure society.

Tunnel fire experiments
Tunnel fire experiments are conducted to verify fire accidents in the tunnel. Valuable data can be collected from fire experiments such as the behavior of smoke and the effect of flame. Based on the experimental results, we will examine, investigate and design safer evacuation methodology and equipment that is necessary for evacuation of customers by aiming the safer tunnel spaces.

Inspection and Checking Services

Tunnels on expressways are equipped with various equipment (emergency equipment) so that road users can safely evacuate from the scene in the event of a fire in the tunnel.
These are very important equipment that protect the lives of customers traveling on expressways.

Inspection of fire hydrants in the tunnel
Fire hydrant equipment is used for initial extinguishing of the fire in the tunnel. Functional inspections and operation checks are carried to check whether the equipment is working properly and also to check whether the specified amount of water can be discharged.

Inspection of water spray equipment and water quantity measurement equipment
When a fire outbreaks in a tunnel, water is sprayed from the top of the tunnel to prevent the fire from spreading.
We regularly measure the flow rate with a “Water spray measuring vehicle” to see if the prescribed flow rate can be discharged.

Tunnel ventilation equipment inspection
Tunnel ventilation equipment include jet fans for exhausting smoke generated by fires, and electric dust collectors for collecting dust and particulate matter inside tunnels and blowing in fresh air. We conduct functional inspection of equipment and strength inspection of structures.

Inspection of purification tank equipment
This is an equipment for treating sewage discharged from the restroom and other facilities by purifying it to a safe state even if it is discharged into the natural world.
We conduct water quality analysis day and night, to check the state of micro-organisms that decompose sewage components.

Maintenance Construction Services

We perform repair work on machinery and water quality facilities related to expressway facilities based on early response to defective points and medium- to long-term repair plans based on the inspection results.

Fire hydrant cleaning
To maintain the functionality of road facilities a plan is established and cleaning of fire hydrants is carried out.

Axle weight scale repair work
We carry out regular maintenance and repair of the axle weight scale (weighing equipment) installed at the entrance lane of the tollgate for the purpose of controlling the overloaded vehicles.

Tunnel ventilation equipment
(Regular maintenance of jet fans)
Depending on the results of inspections, regular equipment maintenance is carried out during the period mentioned in maintenance rules.

Tunnel fire extinguishing equipment
Repair and maintenance are carried out to ensure that the tunnel fire extinguishing equipment works reliably in the event of an emergency.

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