Expressways are equipped with administrative facilities (toll gates, toll booths, electric rooms, etc.) necessary for managing roads, and rest facilities (restrooms at SA/PA, commercial facilities, etc.) for road users to relieve their fatigue from high-speed driving. Many of our architectural engineers are involved in the maintenance and management of these buildings so that the facilities can be enjoyed by everyone using the expressways, with the engineers carrying out inspections, repairs, etc., of the buildings on a daily basis. Technical proposals and support services, such as schematic design for new buildings and survey and renovation of existing buildings, are one of our important tasks. We consider the safety of customers who use roads our top priority and perform efficient operation and management of roadside buildings while ensuring driving safety and comfort.

Consultancy Services

We provide investigation, examination and construction management services for buildings related to expressway facilities.

Restroom survey and study
We conduct surveys and inspection, and propose better renovation plans so that the customers can use them happily and comfortably.

Restroom survey and study
We provide restroom spaces from the customer’s perspective while examining in detail the interior flow of the restroom and the usability of the equipment and devices.

Building deterioration diagnostics
We conduct building deterioration examination surveys for buildings that are significantly old and deteriorated, and we consider future repair and repair measures after understanding the soundness of the building.

Construction management business
Regarding building construction, we are engaged in the management of process, safety and quality after thoroughly reviewing and understanding the construction details.

Inspection and Checking Services

For inspection and testing of building and structures related to expressway facilities, inspection engineers with experience and knowledge will conduct diagnostics of the soundness of the buildings and prepare the repair plans and medium- to long-term maintenance plans based on the diagnostics results.

Building outer wall inspection. (RC structure)
Regarding deterioration of the outer wall of reinforced concrete, we closely observe the deformations, such as peeling of the surface layers and cracks, and collect data to determine the soundness of the building.

Toll gate inspection (PC construction)
Toll gates, which are of pre-stressed structures, are properly maintained by closing the driving lane and inspected for cracks and other deformities from close proximity by inspectors.

Detailed inspection of building
(Commercial facility: S construction)
Since some of the building’s exterior materials are not visible to the naked eye, direct tactile inspection is used to determine the soundness of the materials. The safety of the exterior ceilings are maintained through systematic inspections.

Rooftop waterproofing inspection
The soundness of the waterproof function, an important point of building inspection, is performed by observing the deformation in the waterproofing layer from the rooftop to prevent damage caused by water leakage.

Maintenance Construction Services

For buildings and structures related to expressway facilities, defective areas are addressed immediately based on the inspection results and repairs performed based on the medium to long-term repair plan.

Tollgate maintenance operation (small repairs)
It is not an overstatement to say that toll booths are the first thing that customers see when they enter the expressway. Toll booths are painted regularly and cleanliness is always maintained.

Accident restoration work
Restoration is immediately undertaken in areas that are damaged by accidents. We strive for early restoration so that customers can use the expressway safely and comfortably.

Restroom repair work (small repairs)
Equipment failures that directly impacts customers need immediate response. Our group and partner companies have established a unified system to ensure early restoration.

Replacement of exterior wall joints (Caulking)
Replacement of caulking is an important work that requires waterproofing and elasticity. Regular replacement work guarantees quality and soundness of the building.

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