Information refers to the accumulation and analysis of damage data and other information necessary for the management of expressways to improve road management systems and examine methods of repairing structures to maintain sound roads.
We are a group of civil and facility engineers well versed in road construction and management technologies as well as system technologies. Based on our extensive experience with expressways and management data that we have accumulated over many years, we utilize our know-how on the life cycle (survey, design, development, application, and improvement) of road systems to provide system solutions necessary for road maintenance, and develop and manage various systems related to maintenance management of NEXCO Central.

Data Infrastructure Maintenance

  • Maintenance and updating of each drawing
  • Development and renovation of road management GIS
  • Acquisition of video ledger and three-dimensional spatial coordinates (3d data)

Road management GIS (Geographic Information System)

A control floor plan created by CAD is used as the base drawing, and various information is superimposed and displayed.

Acquisition of three-dimensional spatial coordinates (3D data).

The road features and the surrounding features constituting the road are acquired as point cloud data using a laser scanner on a running vehicle.

Service Provision Business

  • Operation and support of Emergency Report Support System (ERSS)
  • Operation and support of kilometer post mobile display system (KPNAVI2)
  • Operation and support of road management (GIS)

Emergency Report Support System (ERSS)

  • (1) Reports local information
    Local information is reported through photos and videos from mobile phones, and personnel working in the office can know the latest information on the site.
  • (2) Automatically transmits report contents to pre-registered email addresses
    Important information is sent automatically.
  • (3) Automatically reports location information
    GPS location information can be confirmed on the office PC.
  • (4) Data can be output
    Report data can be output to Excel.

System Operation and Development Work

A large amount of information is generated and used in expressway maintenance management work.
In addition, people in various positions are in charge of their work while using this information in their respective positions. The Information Systems Department is developing systems that reliably accumulate and manage vast amounts of information generated and used in business operations and support the efficiency of business operations.

Business analysis
Analysis of current work flow and identify problematic issues

Requirement definition
Propose business improvements necessary to solve problems and define the functions and information necessary for them

Design and development
Design and develop systems based on requirements definition

Introduction and training
Introduce the system locally and conduct user education

Evaluation and improvement
Evaluate the effectiveness of the system and implement improvements

Operational management
Respond to inquiries from users and perform system maintenance

Information on Maintenance Management
Information on Consulting, Survey and Analysis Services
Development Projects
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