Civil Engineering Maintenance Management

This is a basic technology for protecting the roads. Over the years, we have developed many technologies in the field of expressway maintenance management.

Maintenance Inspection

To ensure safe road traffic on expressways, prevent damage to third parties, etc., and maintain structures such as bridges and tunnels in good condition at all times, we conduct inspections, evaluations and diagnostics in accordance with the prescribed standards. The results are stored in a database and effectively used for consideration of maintenance and repair plans. (Damage to third parties, etc. refers to damage to customers using expressways, directly below expressway intersections, and around road areas.)

Maintenance Management

Technical supervision work necessary for the smooth execution of work, such as technical support for ordering maintenance and repair work of expressways and confirmation of the implementation status.

Construction Management

This includes orders for improvement and repair work of expressways, estimation work, work changes, etc., and supervision and inspection work such as confirmation of construction status and construction management test of construction.

Quality Control Services

This service works for the safety and reliability of expressways through inspections, onsite observation, guidance, surveys, tests and technical training related to quality control of construction, etc.

Planting Management

This is technical supervision work necessary for the smooth execution of operations, such as inspection of plants at roadsides and rest facilities on expressways, order placement and cost estimates for maintenance and repair work, technical support concerning construction (design) changes, confirmation of implementation status, etc.

Information Management

This work provides technical support for maintenance and repair work, improvement and repair work of expressways, maintenance and management of construction record and road asset information, and various business systems.

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