Electricity and Telecommunication

Almost all the facilities on the expressways are powered by “Electricity”. Including the lighting inside tunnels, road information boards, and restaurant facilities at the rest facilities. “Communication” is the link between road conditions and information to the customers. This is because the communication equipment is working properly for various information that reaches customers and emergency calls in the event of an emergency. With regard to these important facilities, which can be referred to as the “blood vessels” and “nerves” of expressways, we harness the technologies at our disposal to prepare technical proposals for the efficient operation of road equipment that maintains the safety and comfort of our customers on the roads.

Consultancy Services

We conduct research, study and design of electricity and telecommunications related to expressway facilities. We design optimal facilities for expressway and provide safety to all the customers who use them.

Various facilities are installed on the expressways. Consulting business involves surveys and design of facilities that takes customer needs and safety into consideration, and provides safety to all the customers who uses the expressway.

We conduct various experiments on equipment’s installed on expressways to verify the soundness of the equipment. We conduct vibrations experiments using a full-scale model for information boards. Based on experimental results, we aim to install safer facilities by reviewing inspection cycles and items according to differences in location conditions, such as structures installed on bridges, etc. that are subject to numerous traffic vibrations.

Inspection and Checking Services

For inspection and testing of electricity and telecommunication equipment related to expressway facilities, inspection engineers with experience and knowledge will conduct diagnostics of the soundness of the equipment and prepare the repair plans and medium- to long-term maintenance plans based on the diagnostics results.

Inspection of power distribution equipment
An equipment that feeds power to each equipment by transforming the electricity received at high voltage. Since the equipment is highly hazardous, it is inspected thoroughly by taking safety measures.

Inspection of ETC equipment
ETC is a very important equipment related to toll fee from customers. We use the latest technology to conduct the inspection.

Emergency telephone device inspection
A device that sends SOS directly to the road control center when a customer’s vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident. Calls are inspected for any abnormalities.

Tunnel lighting equipment inspection
We pay attention to ensure that the lighting is maintained at an appropriate level of illumination and safely installed for safe driving in tunnels.

Electrical and communication equipment use a variety of cutting-edge technologies to ensure the safety of customers driving on roads, provide road information such as traffic congestion information and make roads more comfortable to use. Inspection and checking services are an important role our inspection engineers carry out that involves constantly refining technologies to check the facilities that make full use of the latest technologies, and to propose repair and renewal plans by diagnosing the condition of the facilities.

Maintenance Construction Services

For electricity and telecommunications equipment related to expressway facilities, defective areas are addressed immediately based on the inspection results and repairs will be performed based on the medium to long-term repair plan.

TN lighting equipment cleaning work
Cavitation: To maintain the function of road facilities, a plan is established and cleaning work is carried out.

Accident restoration work
Blinker light: Restoring facilities that have been damaged due to traffic accidents or that do not meet their functions.

Lead-in pole high voltage
A repair plan is established based on the results of the load breaker replacement inspection and the road equipment is repaired.

Metal trunk cable
Restoration work: Restoration of equipment damaged by natural disasters, etc.

Electricity and telecommunications are used in many facilities on the expressways. Electrical equipment are used as a power source for the operation of road facilities, for lighting to ensure visibility at night, etc., while communication equipment are used to convey information such as traffic congestion and accidents to customers. The maintenance work involves cleaning, accident recovery, repair work, to maintain the functions of the important electricity and telecommunication facilities.

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