“Bridges” crossing large valleys are important structures for Japan’s roads, which have many steep terrains.
However, just like the Japanese society, bridges, which are important structures, are aging.
Under these circumstances, we contribute to road safety by conducting inspections, estimating the causes of damage, surveying, and proposing improvements to constantly monitor the safety of bridges with our comprehensive technology.
We are “Bridge Doctors” who perform inspection, survey and design.

Bridge Inspection

The condition of bridges is collected over time, converted into data and used to perform diagnostics. The results are used to formulate repair plans considering the estimated remaining life and the priority of repair timing. The bridges are inspected in accordance with the inspection standards set by each expressway company and the inspection standards set by the national or local governments.

Bridge Survey and Design

The inspection results are used to perform various non-destructive tests on bridges that require detailed investigations for conducting diagnostics on the condition of the bridges. The policy and details of the necessary measures for each bridge are considered depending on the state. We are working on the development of new technologies related to inspection and investigation methods to improve the accuracy of inspections and investigations and to ensure reliable diagnostics.

  • Material and structural diagnostics of concrete bridges
  • Diagnostics of steel bridge deck fatigue, cracks and corrosion of steel members, etc.
  • Diagnostics of bearings, expansion joints and other accessories
  • Seismic diagnostics
  • Development of new diagnostic techniques

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