About Us

1. Further Improvement of Safety, Reliability and Quality

We aim to reform and enhance the business implementation system, share and coordinate information throughout the organization, and further improve safety, reliability and quality.

  • Improving employee technical skills and reliability through inspection technology training
  • Enhancement of improvements such as visualization of business processes
  • Further increase of employees who have acquired official qualifications related to work

2. Promotion of Technology Development

We will improve inspection and work productivity and safety of operations by promoting the development of new technologies and actively introducing them

  • Further service improvement with an eye to the future, in light of aging social infrastructure, etc.
  • Proactive introduction of AI and ICT technologies
  • Conducting research activities in collaboration with universities and companies

3. Enhancement of human resource development

Strengthen human resource development by enhancing safety education, training and instruction, and technology transfer

  • Enhancement and optimization of training tools through the introduction of ICT, etc.
  • Enriching e-training, etc., to provide efficient learning programs
  • Development of human resources capable of working overseas

4.Strengthen CSR

We will contribute to the achievement of SDGs by striving to improve stakeholder satisfaction through contributions to local communities and cooperation with related organizations

  • Enhancing social awareness and corporate value through collaboration and promotion with local communities
  • Initiatives for decarbonization, such as the introduction of electric vehicles into management vehicles
  • Inspection, maintenance and technical consulting for road structures, etc. that meets the needs of local governments along highways from the customer’s perspective

5. Enhancement of management base

We will strengthen our management base while taking on new challenges and reliably respond to the trust and demands of society by supporting the changes in the environment such as digitalization and decarbonization

  • Appropriate management of business expenses by building an efficient business system
  • Securing appropriate personnel by formulating a long-term personnel plan
  • Ensuring transparency, fairness and validity of outsourced operations